Loza u vinogradu vinarije Bedalov

Wine tasting room at Bedalov vineyard

Legacy for future generations

Generation of Bedalov family have depended on agricultural work in providing for their family, but nurturing vine varieties and winemaking was special kind of passion that was transferred from fathers to their sons. Winemaker Jakša continues this long love and passion with the goal to continue the work of their family and preserve the land for future generations.

family work at Bedalov Winery stomping grapes with feet

Family work

Bedalov winery is a true family winery. At the moment, two generations of the family are working together to share their hard work and enjoyment. A close relationship with each other in winery fit perfectly with their desire to be small scale and personal, carrying their commitment to quality all the way from the vineyard to guests and wine lovers thought every wine bottle.

bura wind in bedalov vineyard in Kastela

Wines with Dalmatian character

Working in such beautiful setting family Bedalov has developed a deep sense of belonging to the land and a strong appreciation for its products. Every day they are inspired by beautiful nature of Dalmatia in their vineyard. They only nurture indigenous vine varieties because vineyards unique climatic and geological condition of the terroir is especially appropriate for indigenous vine varieties. Producing world class wine that embodies the spirit and character of this special place are at the core of their business.

Wine experience in everyday life

In Croatia, especially in Dalmatian region, for a long time wine was important part of everyday life. The wine was part of every work break, lunch, and dinner. It was like a ritual for people, one glass of wine for relaxation time with family or friends. Jakša is very passionate about the wine and he wants to remind people of those forgotten times where every meal was paired with wine and on the tip of the tongue, wine pairing symphony was achieved.