vinar Jakša Bedalov u vinogradu

Winemaker Jaksa Bedalov hand picking grapes for his wines

Wine making as legacy

Jakša’s love for winemaking has been passed down to him from the generation of winemakers in Bedalov family. Truly, his passion was developed through the years of independently nurturing vines and connecting with soil. He additionally has expanded, replanted and updated vines to take advantage of the unique climatic and geological conditions of the Kaštela’s grove with a focus on indigenous vine varieties. He is committed to continuing the work of his family and creating wines on their legacy but with his own personal touch.

Winemaker Jaksa Bedalov nurturing vines in his vineyard

Vine nurture focus and personal care

Jakša Bedalov has early decided to focus on the fundaments of tradition in the nurture of indigenous Croatian-Dalmatian vine varieties. The quality of Bedalov's wines has always been based on a commitment to nurturing the finest fruit and emphasis is on terroir and strong characteristics of vine variety. Jakša’s belief is that great wines begin in the vineyard. He personally takes care of every grape and every vine. He carefully nurtures them, minimally intervening in natural processes and ecosystem. All grapes are hand-harvested by the hands of Bedalov family, in the cool morning hours, and carefully sorted to ensure no over-ripe or under-ripe fruit reaches the fermenters.

family work at Bedalov winery

Support of the family

Winery work is more a teamwork than a solo job and his family accompany their husband and father in the vineyards and cellar. They are together involved in every aspect of the everyday wine business, from bottling to working in the tasting room. His family enjoys learning something new each day and following their grandfather’s and father’s wine passion.