Castel Zinfandel

Wine details

Vineyard region: Croatia - Dalmatian region
Vineyard:Kaštel Kambelovac's Grove
Vineyard position: 400 m above sea level
Vineyard orientation:south, south-west
Harvesting and processing:by hand
Variety:Kaštelanski Crljenak/Zinfandel selection
Quality: high quality
Alcohol: 14,2 %vol
Bottling size: 0,75 l
Award: Decanter 2022 Silver award

Winemaker notes

Castel Zinfandel red wine is a special limited edition of Kaštelanski Crljenak-Zinfandel wine. This wine is made from a special selection of Kaštelanski Crljenak grapes that are planted with the traditional method without canopy management on the best terroir of our vineyard.

Kaštelanski Crljenak is a dark red-purple shaded wine with a strong body and intense flavor. This wine has lots of tannins and alcohol but dominating flavors are fruity flavors of red fruit with hints of pepper and anise. Gastronomy recommendation: Perfectly paired with local Croatian dish 'pašticada' or with bluefish.