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Bedalov winery is a small Croatian family winery located in Kaštel Kambelovac, near the city Split, in Dalmatian region of Croatia. They nurture only indigenous vine varieties in their vineyard on south slopes of hill Kozjak in Kaštela. Practicing agriculture and producing handcrafted high-quality organic wines is at the core of their business. Winemaking is their legacy but it also became their biggest passion as they continue the footprints of their grandfathers with their own vision.

in Winery Bedalov`s vineyard

Winery Bedalov is growing indigenous vine sorts and producing organic wine only from their own grapes.

Wines of Bedalov family are high-quality organic wines handcrafted from indigenous Dalmatian vine sorts. Each bottle of wine tells one of a kind story about dedication, winemaking and family work. Learn more about their tradition and passion through their wines.

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Bedalov wines are best tasted when paired with delicious meals. Family Bedalov prepares seasonal autochthone meals in their wine tasting rooms and perfectly pairs them with their wine. Learn more about it if you are ready to treat yourself with a unique wine tasting experience.

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