Tribus Cuvée

Tribus Cuvee Bedalov

Wine details

Wine region: Croatia - Dalmatian region
Vineyard: Kaštel Kambelovac's Grove
Vineyard position:
400 m above sea level
Vineyard orientation: 
south, south-west
Harvesting and processing: 
by hand
Kaštelanski Crljenak, Dobričić, Plavac mali
high quality
13,5 %vol
Bottling size:
0,75 l
Awards: Decanter 2022 Bronce Award

Decanter 2022 BRONCE

Winemaker notes

Red wine Tribus is Cuvée from three genetically related grape varieties: Kaštelanski Crljenak, Plavac mali and Dobričić. As a unique wine, we have decided to combine long lost family into one bottle. This Cuvee is the distinctively dark red color with long lasting flavors of dry plum and cherry. Gastronomy recommendation: Perfectly paired with risotto and grilled meat.

** Genetic testing in the year 2001. Have confirmed that world-famous Californian (USA) grape variety is genetically same to indigenous grape variety from Croatia, Kaštelanski Crljenak. The same tests have established that Croatian indigenous grape sorts Plavac mali and Dobričić are parent grape varieties from which Zinfandel/Crljenak was naturally developed.