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Our winemaker, Jakša, carries a legacy of generations. He meticulously nurtures indigenous grapes in sun-drenched Kaštela, championing minimal intervention to let the land and varietals shine. Jakša oversees every vine, ensuring only the finest fruit reaches the barrel. His dedication extends beyond the vineyard - our family joins him in every step, from harvest to bottling, crafting exceptional wines that honor our heritage.

A Little Words About Us

A Legacy Rooted in the Land

For generations, the Bedalov family's heart has been rooted in the land. Wine wasn't just a drink in Dalmatia, it was the lifeblood that flowed through every day. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of our vineyards, we've become stewards of this place, meticulously preserving the land and the indigenous grapes that flourish here. This passion is our legacy, ensuring this timeless tradition continues to enrich lives for generations to come.



At Bedalov Winery, the experience goes far beyond exceptional wines. It's a celebration of our enduring family legacy. For generations, viticulture has been our passion. Today, two generations work side-by-side, sharing the dedication and satisfaction that come with crafting distinctive wines. Our close bond fosters a warm, intimate atmosphere within the winery, where every step, from vineyard to table, reflects our unwavering commitment to quality.

As our guest, you'll be welcomed into the Bedalov family, experiencing the warmth and passion that flows into every bottle we share.

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